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Ellect seen on Nasdaq Tower

Sandra D’Souza as Founder of Ellect was selected as one of 13 entrepreneurs globally to participate in Nasdaq Entrepreneur Center’s Milestone Makers Program in 2021. She successfully completed the program which resulted in her profile being displayed on Nasdaq Tower among other successful entrepreneurs.

Meet Sandra D’Souza

Sandra D’Souza is a celebrated author and a prominent figure in the realm of gender equality in the corporate world. Her best-selling book, "From Bias to Equality," has established her as a leading voice in advocating for gender-balanced leadership in business. The book, an award finalist, provides insightful strategies and practical approaches for achieving gender equality, reflecting Sandra's deep expertise in this crucial area.

In her current role as the CEO and Founder of Ellect, Sandra harnesses her passion for gender equality, driving forward a platform that advocates for inclusive practices and leadership diversity in businesses. Her work with Ellect exemplifies her commitment to bridging the gender gap in corporate leadership and creating equitable workplace environments.

Sandra's journey to this point is underpinned by a robust career in corporate leadership, with over two decades of experience at multinational corporations such as MTV Europe, Telstra, News Corp, and UBS. This extensive corporate background, combined with her entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated through a decade of building and successfully selling an international digital marketing agency, provides a strong foundation for her current advocacy and leadership roles.

Sandra brings to the forefront her comprehensive understanding of both the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds. Her sessions are enriched by her real-life experiences and successes, offering participants a unique blend of practical business insights and a fervent commitment to gender equality. This combination ensures an engaging, informative, and inspiring learning experience for all attendees.

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